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Company Man Studios is a full-service interdisciplinary "production" company located in the beautiful Tampa Bay region of South Florida. When we began this enterprise, the last thing the world needed was another run-of-the-mill, business-as-usual production company. So we didn’t create one. We do, proudly, consider ourselves a team of talented creative and strategic thinkers who work like crazy to create whatever it is you need.

We’ve got the experience, passion, and dedication to get you better results –resulting in happier devotees of your brand.

How do we do this? We immerse ourselves in your culture and aim to understand exactly what your needs are—beyond the project itself. We listen, and capture all the nuanced details of your business. And we SHARE it with our inspired team of creative geniuses who are experts in their disciplines.

We love what we do, but what makes Company Man Studios fully integrated beyond our expertise is our “success is everyone’s job” mentality. Our team practices a cross-disciplinary collaboration approach, which cultivates an all hands on deck approach for our clients.

We’d like us to succeed together. So consider our team an extension of yours.

Our Team

Over the past few years we’ve assembled a team of creative professionals that’s second to none. We’d like you to meet them:

Rob TiislerRob Tiisler
Founder / Executive Creative Director
Taylor GirardTaylor Girard
Nathan HeimNathan Heim
Senior Art Director
Kevin De LuciaKevin De Lucia
Illustrator / Motion Graphics Artist
July LopezJuly Lopez
Motion Artist
Rob StainbackRob Stainback
Interactive Creative Director
Christina KeeChristina Kee
Junior Art Director

Our Process

Great creative starts with a great creative brief. And a great creative brief starts with a little research, some digging around and evaluation. If we do our jobs properly, if we ask the right questions before we start the creative process, we not only have a greater chance of success, we can be much more efficient. We’ll know going into the process what messages and tone of the messages are going to motivate our target audience.

The creative brief becomes the blueprint for the strategic messaging of your advertising. From an executional standpoint, the brief is both the inspiration and the judge. It is the touchstone to which we refer to throughout the creative process. It eliminates subjectivity and inserts objectivity. It determines how the creative will accomplish your business goals. It can be thought of as an ad for the ads in that speaks to the relevant issues that may affect the success or failure of the advertising messages. Relevance is key, because if something is not relevant to our target audience, it won’t be in the brief, and should certainly not appear in the advertising.

The content in the brief will guide us in the tone and manner of the advertising and help us connect on the appropriate level with our prospects. It’s important that we remember that advertising is not a speech, it’s a conversation. It’s not just about what we want to say, it’s about what the consumer needs to hear in order to respond to our message. We talk about reaching hearts and minds, but if a little research has shown us anything, it’s that the brands that thrive and endure build strong emotional connections with their audiences. The brand promise itself shouldn’t just be a cold hard statement of fact. It must contain the seed of the emotional connection in order for it to grow throughout all our communications.

Our Loop

The brand is the experience and the promise, it creates an emotional connection. Iconic brands have a story. They go on a journey and invite you to go along with them by consistent communication of the brand promise and a consistent delivery of the brand experience.

Every interaction is a conversation
Every conversation is an experience
Every experience strengthens our emotional bond with our customers

Crafted where, how and when our messages engage consumers is more than just buying a newspaper advertisement and posting a blog in the social space. Conversations will be a natural part of the life in the day of your customers and prospects where, when and how they most enjoy sharing in the conversation. We call this the loyalty loop, the engagement and decision journey for the consumer. All based on your marketing objectives and goals, to enhance customer loyalty and retention, develop strategic partner programs and generate market share growth.

So, great media also starts with a great creative brief. Our team reviews the creative brief and then has fun digging into their share of research to guide the development of the media-planning brief. As with the creative, this planning process ensures that all media and communication efforts align with the brand goals. The media plan goals are then strategically crafted to best reach consumers while optimizing return on media investment. Whether there are funds exchanged for media, or partner and barter deals at play, every component of these deals has a value and needs to be stewarded with care.

Our Services
Our Studio

Creative Services stewards the brand and develops concepts for execution across all media while working closely with Production, Motion Graphics and Interactive to bring them to life.

Production produces, shoots and edits high definition digital videos, film and web videos to be used on any and all platforms.

Motion Graphics provides motion graphics and design for use in commercial, long format video and interactive projects.

Interactive provides interactive programming for content management, traditional websites and digital content playback and delivery of client assets.

Together, we produce TV, print, radio, direct mail, online, outdoor, websites, mobile, social, experiential marketing, branding – essentially, whatever it takes for you to connect with your audience. And with our level of experience and internal resources, we do it fast. And good. Because fast without good isn’t good. And good without fast is just a waste of time.

Our Work


Tampa Bay Rays

"For the past two years, Rob and his team at Company Man have really served as an extension of our internal marketing department. We rely on them for countless services including creative direction, production and copy writing. They’re always willing to take the extra step to meet the goals of our stakeholders. We’re fortunate to call them part of our team.”

Carey Cox

Director, Marketing & Creative Services
Office: 727-825-3272


Achieva Credit Union

"The entire Company Man team is professional, creative and fun. It feels like we are working with our own internal team on each project because they don’t start their work until they understand our strategic intent and then come up with creative and effective ways to deliver.”

Gary Regoli



Mercury Medical

"After several years, it is still a pleasure working with the folks at Company Man Studios. They are courteous, efficient, creative and best of all, no job is too big of a rush. They always get it done!”

Sally Barlowe

Advertising Manager


Tampa Bay Sports Commission

"Company Man Studios is where creativity meets customer service. We could not be more fortunate to have Company Man as partners in helping tell our organization’s story and vision.”

Rob Higgins

Executive Director
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