Logo Design: Things to Consider

What is a logo and why does your company need one?

Quite simply, a logo is the face of your company. It’s a symbol. A logo is a graphical display of your company’s identity and is the first thing potential customers see as a representation of you. What’s more, a good logo design makes your company recognizable and, more importantly, memorable.

logo design

Designing a logo in Illustrator

As they say, a picture can say a thousand words. Logo development can be one of the most difficult areas of graphic design. They may look simple but making them look simple is the hard part. Things most successful logos have in common are the simplicity, uniqueness and, if applicable, tradition. For example, did you know McDonalds’ golden arches are one of the most recognized logos in the world?  It is second only to the Christian cross. Colors, fonts and images provide important information about your company and allows customers to easily identify you from others. Though people usually find an image easier to remember, or more recognizable than words alone, not all logos use or even need a graphic icon.

Logos made up of the text of the company’s name are typographic, or wordmarks. Usually this form of logo design uses a special typeface or font styling, which eventually becomes associated as the company’s face. Some examples of companies that use wordmarks are Google, Coca-Cola and facebook.

If you want to design a word mark logo, there are a few fonts that are generally considered off-limits. Basically, any font that comes standard with Microsoft Word. Here is a great list where designers contributed their least favorite fonts. To be on the safe side, you should probably avoid any of these: http://glantz.net/blog/designers-reveal-their-least-favorite-fonts

A company’s perception is never based on a logo design alone.

While a logo can help the consumer form a picture in their head, a company’s products and services make up a large part of their branding. A company can have the best designed branding in the world, but if the services they provide don’t compare to their look, they’re doomed.