Branded Video: Because, who reads anymore?

Branded Video: Because, who reads anymore?

Who reads anymore?

Yes, I am aware of the irony that this title suggests. Hopefully, you are reading this and not scrolling past it. Whether it is zipping through the numerous apps on your phone, poking around on your iPad, or searching on your laptop, we are surrounded by programs that allow potential clients and customers to watch, tap and listen more than ever. With all this being available, who wants to spend agonizing minutes reading numerous paragraphs about an info page? The answer: Consumers are opting out of reading when they can just watch and listen to a video instead.

Branded Video

So, what does this mean for your company? Well, it’s probably time to invest in some type of branded video. This could be a corporate culture video, web videos, animation, motion graphics and the list goes on. The point is videos not only allow your company to relate to others, they give an inside look at the type of business you are. Videos put a face to the name. You can choose how a story be told about a product, business, or your team. Copy doesn’t share the same abilities to efficiently bring your brand to life quickly.

Branded videos for your site can serve numerous purposes, or focus in on a specific type of consumer.  It may be to introduce your brand to new customers or answer questions that are easier to visually understand.  Furthermore, a video can create a lasting impression on current and future customers. Within a couple of minutes, a video can establish who you are, what you do, the history behind it, your brand identity and what the call-to-action is. This short window of time has now allowed your audience to sit back, relax and watch instead of reading paragraphs with only half the content included.


Search Engines and Videos

If the above hasn’t sold you yet on getting a branded video for your company, keep on reading. And if you’re convinced by this point, I thank you for your time. If your company invests in a well-produced video it has more longevity compared to numerous articles and written text that may have to be constantly updated. In addition, Google will become your best friend—because a video can help your Search Engine ranking. Your site can jump to the top of listings by utilizing tags and keywords in the video’s description. Video length, comments, and your engagement with YouTube and Vimeo only improve Google’s opinion of you more. It’s time to let your SEO value skyrocket.

At the end of the day, just having a website may not be enough anymore. Technology has made everything social and with that comes the need to step up the brand strategy and compete. It’s time to not only compete against others but be the company that is grabbing and keeping the attention of current and future customers.