Browser Extensions for Designers: Plug it in!

Browser Extensions for Designers: Plug it in!

Useful Safari and Chrome browser extensions

Although web design isn’t our primary focus at Company Man Studios, a lot of the work we do involves the interwebs. On a day-to-day basis, we’re using the world wide web for design inspiration, tutorials, and to download movies illegally compelling imagery. There are countless sources of information online. If you’re not using the internet in some capacity to work more efficiently, you’re doing it wrong. That being said, there are also a ton of shortcuts and tricks to just using the internet. I’m talking about browser extensions.

(Stick with me. I promise this is going to be exciting stuff.)

For those that don’t know, browser extensions are tools that interact with the HTML on a page to help the viewer in some way. Extensions come in a wide range of uses, but the primary goal is to get the most out your time online. I have my favorites and, when I’m on a new device, the first thing I do is install them. So, I decided to compile a short list of extensions and plugins that I think are helpful for designers.

1. Measure it!

I’ve found this plugin to be useful, since so many social media sites are constantly changing their image requirements. With simple click, you can drag around an object and get the measurements of an image. This is way easier than googling the dimensions. Get it for Chrome here. 

2. Fontface Ninja

My FAVORITE plugin. (I can’t believe I’m even sharing it here because it’s so good I don’t want anyone else to use it.) See a font online that you love but can’t identify? Click it and hover over the text and Fontface Ninja tells you what it is. It even tells you where you can download the font. This is one of those extensions that makes me question: WHAT did people do before the internet?

3. Turn Off the Lights

This is a vanity app. However, if you’re particular about how things look—or, if you get distracted easily—give this one a download. It darkens your screen around a video player when you’re watching something. Try it out while you watch one of our awesome videos.

Everyone has a browser preference. A lot of designers prefer Chrome, because it’s customizable. But while a lot of people like to hate on Safari, it’s the browser I’ve always used and I’ve really gotten to know how to make it work best for the work that I do. And that’s really what this is all about: finding the method that makes you work smarter, not harder.