Company Man Studios & Buddy Brew Coffee

Company Man Studios & Buddy Brew Coffee

It’s no secret that the Company Man crew has an ongoing love affair with Buddy Brew Coffee. Every day at around 3 p.m. you can see us walking in a line like little ducks over to Buddy Brew to get our afternoon dosage of caffeine. Cortados, espresso, black tea (and more) are poured over and over for our thirsty creative team.

However, our love for the specialty coffee goes much deeper than proximity. In fact, in our infancy, Company Man Studios shared a space with Buddy Brew before we each expanded to our own buildings. Since then, we’ve worked closely with our neighbors to help develop ancillary marketing materials throughout the years. We’ve offered our design support for everything from label design and packaging to event posters and video production. It’s been a point of pride for us to watch Buddy Brew flourish and expand to multiple locations, and to see our label design on their product in Publix stores in the Tampa Bay area.

Cold and Bold Packaging

label design for Buddy Brew cold brew coffee

This summer, Buddy Brew Coffee released its new product line of bottled cold brew coffee. Our friends reached out to us at the beginning of the year to create a new, custom label design, as well as a marketing strategy to promote the product launch. The packaging had to maintain the organic simplicity Buddy Brew is known for, and stand out among similar products in stores. We created a design that used a limited color palette and clear, simple typography. From a distance, the bottles just look black. However, a spot varnish is applied to each label on the background pattern. This creates a shiny effect that reveals a coffee leaf design. The bottles are subtle but sophisticated.

Once the design was determined, we collaborated with the BBC marketing team to develop a social media content strategy
to allude to the product reveal. The content was comprised of original photography, animated gifs, 3d modeling and video to be used on various social media platforms. We incorporated the pattern used in the actual label design as a consistent piece of the overall social campaign. (Viewers didn’t get to see a photo of the product until the actual release date.) Each post offered a different glimpse of what the product looked like. In doing so, we created a sense of excitement leading up to the release date.

Beyond the label: Strategy.

The social media campaign, along with Buddy Brew Coffee’s internal strategies, generated a promising buzz before the product was even available. In a matter of six weeks, the BBC team are already brewing the third major batch of bottled cold brew. This product opens a whole new world of merchandising for Buddy Brew—which is now available in partnering coffee shops and several grocery stores in the Tampa Bay area. The ready-to-drink product is perfect for summer coffee drinkers. It doesn’t hurt that the Buddy Brew has an insane social media following and a wide fan-base for their product.

We’re so proud of our partnership with Buddy Brew, and we’re super excited for the next phase of packaging design. Plus—free coffee. Talk about a client with “perks.”

CMS team at Buddy Brew