John Cote – the Intern 2017

John Cote – the Intern 2017

Interning has become essential for all college students. More and more employers hire based off experience and not just on educational background. Company Man Studios provided me with the perfect internship experience. The internship was geared towards me and what experience I wanted to gain.

To begin with, from day one I got hands-on experience with a list of projects I could do from start to finish. I didn’t know if I wanted to pursue a career in directing, producing, or editing so they catered to all three to help me figure out my passion. I was able to work independently on multiple projects from creative design and shot calling to post production.

I got helpful critiques and feedback on shot composition and subject focus along the way but the CMS team allowed me to complete the majority of the creative concept and work. I loved this aspect. Free range was exactly what I needed to find my strengths and discover my passion.

The project I enjoyed the most and got the most experience from was creating a culture video for the Company Man website. I got to script, setup, film, and edit the entire project. At first I didn’t know what to film, they showed me a previous video that was used to give me some inspiration and guidance as to how they wanted the final project to look. The project was a short clip of B-roll footage and behind-the-scenes shots of Company Man that would attract viewers attention on the CMS website.

First, I filmed everything I could think of. Not all the shots were good, but it gave me a starting point for feedback and improvements. I was told to focus on the subject and to make it clear to the viewer and try new angles instead of straight on or looking down on the subject. Another piece of advice I received was really look at the composition and get rid of ‘dead space’ though specific object placement/blur or by changing the camera angle. After improving the shots by following the team’s advice, I was sent straight into editing and preparing the shots for presentation.

This internship allowed me to explore all parts of the pre and post production process, whether it was shot setup and scheduling or editing for slow motion and color correcting. I got to see which area I enjoyed most, for me it was the hands on filming and the magic that happens in the editing room. I am fully confident that I would not have got this experience elsewhere. The CMS team avoided giving me the stereotypical paper stapling, coffee running intern treatment and saw me as a young man interested in the video production field who was after experience and guidance–CMS was happy to provide me with both.

Overall, through this internship, I learned about lighting, shot composition, the importance of organization when editing, how to treat/deal with clients,  and got familiar with different cameras/lenses and other filming equipment. I was given helpful advice about improving my reel, such as keep everything and always think about how a project or shot could improve my personal reel, and marketing myself to the career field I am most passionate about. When I was young, around the age of nine or ten, I got my first video camera. It was a handheld panasonic camera that was only around $70. I filmed my first video of my cat playing fetch and edited it, well put it together for viewing, in windows movie maker. I had so much fun doing something so simple and easy that it was then I knew I wanted to go into the video production field, but I didn’t know which part specifically. Through this amazing internship, I learned that I like both the creative process and editing footage and the multiple projects I worked on allowed me to improve in both areas.