Redefining Industry Standards.

Redefining Industry Standards.

For women, last year was a trying time. From the attempted defunding of Planned Parenthood to the aftermath of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, 2017 was overall tough for females. And yet, from these misfortunes we are beginning to see women rise.

This is no exception in the world of adland.

Flick through any industry magazine, website, or social media platform and you are likely to see only a handful of women in senior-level positions. Now in 2018, we are officially seeing subtle changes in this industry as well as the rest of the world.


Women are now driving in Saudi Arabia. The US has had a record figure of women running for government office. We’re seeing more and more girls interested in STEM careers. Some people are even considering 2018 to be the “Year of Women.”

Women are speaking out on subjects of change, marginalization, and success as their voices are finally being uplifted. It’s powerful to see men starting to take a supporting role in the cause.


Take the production industry for example.

We are now seeing a number of production companies emerging with all-female rosters. And it’s not just women—men are also starting these women-heavy organizations. According to an article from The Guardian, 70% of female creatives claimed to have never worked with a female creative director in 2016. That’s a troubling statistic considering women make more than 80% of all buying decisions.

Luckily, in the past year, we’ve seen more and more women dedicated to telling women-driven stories in both film and commercial platforms.

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Earlier this month, Frances McDormand reintroduce the concept of inclusion riders (a condition that can be demanded by actors and actresses that require a level of diversity between the cast and crew depending on the specifications of a project. *Cough, cough* Subjects such as maternal health, reproductive rights, etc, should have women input onset).

Just a few years ago, the groundbreaking “Like A Girl” campaign aired during the Super Bowl and stole the show. 2017 had the honor of introducing the Fearless Girl to the world who is now facing wall street head on. A lot has changed in just a few years, and the discussion isn’t going anywhere.

More recently, we’re seeing movements branching into specific industries like #TimesUpAdvertising and the 3% Conference, which is taking the conversation deeper for those in ad and media agencies.

If you haven’t noticed the hype this month, March is dedicated to women’s history. It serves as an important tribute to the contributions women have made in the past, the present and will continue to make in the future. With the end of the month coming shortly, the commemoration doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it is a reminder to continue pressing for action.


This year’s International Women’s Day (celebrated March 8th) theme was Press For Progress. Another prompting note to keep fighting the good fight.

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As a recently graduated student, I’m happy to find myself in a company that is redefining these industry norms. Company Man Studios is 50% female. Let me stress how incredible that is. Within the production industry as a whole, women make up only 18%of all writers, producers, editors, cinematographers, and directors. CMS is way, way, way above the industry average.

Right out of school, I’ve already had the opportunity to work with two female art directors (Terry Campbell & Nina Sanchez), a producer (Megan Macaluso), and an editor (Edna Pabon). Every single one is from right here in our office.

From the Pink Tax controversy to the present day gender pay gap, I think it’s safe to say we still have a lot of things we need to work on. But it’s nice to be in a company that is a part of the solution, one that is advocating and empowering female-identity, and one that I see is going in the right direction.