Content Creation

The lifeblood of every brand’s marketing mix—content.

Compelling content drives interest, engagement, and action across multiple platforms.

Successful content strategy requires quality, not just quantity. It takes a diverse mix of talent to pull together unique visual and copy elements that will reinforce your brand and turn jaded viewers into enthusiastic brand advocates.


End-to-end content creation services

The first step in creating any video content is, of course, developing a script. With a strategy and key messaging established, a brilliant, original concept will lead to a brilliant script. Does our team excel at unearthing great concepts? Absolutely. Can we also take your rough concept and refine it into a jewel? You bet. Either way, our writers and designers can translate the concept into a powerfully scripted story. Could be a :15 pre-roll video. Could be a :30 commercial. Could be a two-minute client testimonial. Whatever the format, you can count on a script that stands out, and a script that sells.

With nearly half the world’s population using social media, odds are, your desired audience is scrolling through a social platform—whether you’re looking to reach new customers or engage with current ones. Understanding how social media fits into the overall conversion funnel is key to marketing success, so our social team has mastered the art of content writing for these platforms.

By traversing the sweet spot between conversation, sales, awareness, branding, and good ol’ entertainment, we can develop a voice that resonates on social media for even the most difficult industries.

The place where your customers and prospects can take the deepest dive into your brand is your website. It’s imperative that the content on your site does an exceptional job of highlighting your brand’s benefits, purpose, and personality. It’s equally important that it’s presented in an intuitive, well organized, and easy to understand way. The more compelling your site’s content, the longer visitors will spend on it. That’s why our writers sweat every detail to make it as thoughtful and effective as possible. 

Taking a brand’s voice and carrying it through in a compelling concept across diverse mediums is a true challenge that our writers happily accept. As the range of advertising tactics keeps evolving and expanding, it’s more important than ever that the writing feels authentic to the brand and interesting enough to smash through the clutter. The more your brand’s personality can shine through, the stronger your customers’ attachment to it.

In a marketing world where video is dominant, Company Man’s digital artists are badasses at bringing a brand’s designs to life through animation and motion graphics. From 2-D logo animation on a website, to animated infographics for social posts, to eye-catching 3-D graphics for big event displays, to fully rendered commercials for broadcast, the possibilities are limitless. Not only does this work stand out in the marketplace, it offers a cost-effective way to produce a campaign of videos that can be easily updated. As with live action productions, we develop storyboards to map out sequences, style frames to establish a visual look, and animatics for rough approvals before going into full production.

Your logo is one of the most valuable assets your company owns. It deserves to be created by experts with a passion for, and deep understanding of, logo design. Our process starts with researching competitors and clearly defining what emotional reaction the logo should evoke. Then our designers dive into a process of exploration and refinement. Whether they’re wordmarks, lettermarks, brandmarks, or pictorial marks, everything is considered (size, shape, colors, fonts). Finally, a style guide is created to ensure consistent use across all applications.

A major objective of building a recognizable brand is ensuring that all the brand’s visual elements remain consistent across the board. Our seasoned graphic designers have proven success executing integrated branding across a wide variety of projects, from logo variations and packaging design, to social media graphics, digital advertising, and website asset creation. The end goal of every graphic design project we undertake is to deliver a visual experience that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also results in a boost of conversions for the client.

Getting a user to land on your website is great, but the true digital battle has only just begun. UX and UI design refers to the user’s experience as they interact across all the elements of your brand’s website. By taking dozens of factors into account—from typography, color, and icons to content architecture, interactive elements, and page load speeds—our web designers understand how to optimize every website visit into a meaningful piece of the brand’s user journey.

Post Launch

Ongoing Support

Continuous management of your experience is handled through a block of retained hours each month. These hours cover ongoing support services such as digital strategy planning and recommendations, digital design and development, as well as general account support and maintenance services to update, modify and enhance your digital experience after launch.

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