Our work doesn’t end when the director yells “cut!” In fact, it only has just begun.

It's time to put your content to work. By delivering your message to a highly targeted audience, we’ll bring the campaign full circle.

Putting your video, content, and message in front of the right audience is what drives the return on your investment. Let our team of expert broadcast and digital media buyers guide your campaign to the finish line.


End-to-end media buying services

There’s no denying that television commercials can drive action on a local or national scale. Leverage our decades of broadcast media buying, station trafficking, and distribution strategizing to bring your final commercial to the markets and channels that will best reach your desired audience. We work directly with local and national stations to secure the best placements and time slots, and ensure that each station receives the video files to their exact standards and requirements.

No cable? No problem! As more and more homes switch from a traditional cable box to an internet-connected streaming device, the opportunity to reach an captivated audience has never been greater. Between the massive number of connected TVs and the popularity of streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Sling, ad space in a variety of formats can be leveraged to reach consumers who use OTT(over-the-top) media. Through the use of programmatic media insertion, we’re able to deliver targeted, individualized content to a viewer’s device while they stream a show, game, or event.

According to research, over 85% of internet users consume video on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. With preroll media, your brand’s messaging can be strategically inserted into relevant videos, providing brand lift, informing in-market audiences, and helping to reinforce your brand as a leader in its industry. Through the use of advanced demographic targeting and dynamic retargeting abilities, preroll ads are one of the most effective and precise methods of digital advertising to reach a customer in a specific stage of your sales funnel.

Google receives over 63,000 unique searches PER SECOND. Do you know how many your brand appears on? Google advertising is the gold standard in digital advertising, thanks in part to the incredibly high “purchase intent” of each search. Whether the campaign calls for sending traffic to a landing page to view a video, appearing in search results for a new service/product, or spreading awareness in a new market, our team’s expertise with Google Ads will ensure a campaign that exceeds your expectations.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Facebook ads represent one of the most effective digital advertising channels for a wide variety of content types. With a multitude of ad types and formats, Facebook can be used to drive sales to an e-commerce website  just as effectively as it can increase foot traffic to a restaurant or bar. Our team has over a decade of experience designing, launching, and optimizing Facebook ad campaigns to deliver the highest quality results to our clients.

If your business or brand deals in the B2B space, Linkedin advertising campaigns are an essential part of every marketing campaign. Known by most as the “professional social media network”, Linkedin offers a variety of targeting options, like job role and industry, that no other advertising channel can match. By developing an ideal buyer persona for your business, your video or landing page can be served up to the perfect candidates for your company’s offerings.

Post Launch

Ongoing Support

Continuous management of your experience is handled through a block of retained hours each month. These hours cover ongoing support services such as digital strategy planning and recommendations, digital design and development, as well as general account support and maintenance services to update, modify and enhance your digital experience after launch.

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