The Headshot.

The Headshot.

We all love staring directly into a camera and trying to display your personality in one photo…NOT. But headshots can be an important marketing tool for you or your company to help relate to the public. 

Headshots are part of your company’s branding. If your headshots aren’t professional, it makes the public question the quality of your work, and what else you’re cutting corners on. The more professional your website is (headshot included), the tighter knit your branding is. 

The tighter knit your branding is, video, website, print, business colors, etc, the easier it is for your customers to separate you from your competitors. This will also help people take you or your company more seriously.

Tips to keep in mind when getting your next headshot.

Spend the money.

It’s worth it. Go to a professional company that is trained, understands lighting, shadows, and the equipment. 

Know the style you want.

Photographers have different shooting styles, so be conscious of the style that you want. Have a pre-session consultation—before your session, make sure you and the photographer know how the images will be used and what style you would like.

Make sure the style will represent you or your companies branding. Solid colors, blurry backgrounds, in a studio or outdoor with natural light will help.

Insist quality.

Make sure the quality of work in the photographer’s portfolio shows personality, and the people aren’t overly airbrushed. Plastic skin is never a good thing to have. When we rebranded our clients’ Washington Partners, they wanted headshots for their new website that were consistent with each other, as well as their professional approach to their business. For these, we used a dark background, coupled with impeccable lighting and minimal retouching.

Be yourself.

Wear makeup and clothes that makes you look like how you normally look. Don’t overdo the makeup or wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable just for the photoshoot. Bring a brush and some hair products to help with fly-aways. Start with your hair down and towards the end of the shoot put it up for a more casual look. 

Our clients, Amity Benefits, wanted headshots that look somewhat candid and gave a feeling of their relaxed company attitude. For this shoot, we used natural light outside their office for a down-to-earth feel.

Play it safe.

Keep it classy and simple, a solid color shirt with a little texture that fits your body and personality. Colors that help match your eyes are always a nice touch. Nothing should distract from your face, or hide your personality. Always bring a few, nicely ironed clothing options to the shoot. 

Relax a little, Headshots should be fun. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down.