Buddy Brew Coffee

Bolt Original, Nitro, & Lemonade

A loyal Company Man client from the beginning, Buddy Brew was looking to expand from being the hottest craft roaster in town to having a major retail presence at Publix with a lineup of new organic cold brews and packaged coffee beans.
Buddy Brew Bolt Nitro packaging photography

We built the BOLT brand from scratch, starting with brand identity then moving on to packaging for the Original, Nitro, and Lemonade flavors. Next, we tackled a truck wrap, the launch campaign, and packaging designs for the bagged beans. What can we say? The reaction to BOLT was electrifying.

Re-Inventing a brand

Using elements from the previous Buddy Brew branding, we made a modern version of their logo by adopting new brand typefaces.

Buddy Brew coffee brand logo


Buddy Brew Coffee new brand logo


Identity Design

Created an identity from scratch to match the updated branding based on many hands-on sessions with our friends at Buddy Brew Coffee.

Bolt logo design

Social Media

Designed and animated GIFs for the BOLT launch campaign on Instagram.