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Turning great ideas into vivid reality is what we live for.

Nothing makes a stronger emotional connection with viewers than brilliantly produced videos.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create beautiful-looking, attention-grabbing videos. But you do need to team up with the kind of passionate experts who can envision a powerful brand story and lovingly craft it at every stage of the production process.


End-to-end video production services

A successful video production starts with detailed preparation and visualization. The approved script is broken down into a storyboard that outlines the shot sequence and specific production elements. If needed, an animatic may be developed as a proof of concept for tone, flow, and emotion. Next, our production team identifies the number and types of locations that’ll bring the storyboard to life, along with the on-screen talent and audio elements needed, special budget considerations, and more.

On-screen talent can make or break a video production. Do they come off as authentic? Will they connect with the target audience? Can they take direction well? Many things must be considered when auditioning and casting for the “right” on-screen talent, as well as for an announcer voice to represent the brand. The decision is easier when you’re working with experienced pros who know what to look at and listen for.

Through tech scouts, the ideal physical locations for the shoot are identified and any permits are secured. A detailed shooting schedule and production budget is confirmed.
The full production crew is locked in. Lights, cameras, and other gear are planned for. Finally, the actual video shoot takes place where every detail is carefully executed by our team. Director, producer, cinematographer, production assistants, stylists, gaffers, audio specialist, and more work in perfect sync to bring the approved vision to glorious life.

When shot by an exceptionally talented Director of Photography (DP) like the ones on Company Man’s roster, video is by far the best way to communicate to today’s consumers. Our DP’s have experience on national commercials, documentaries, even studio films. Whether capturing drone footage, corporate interviews, run and gun b-roll, food, products, or lifestyle imagery, they always bring a cinematic beauty to the end result. Of course, a cinematographer is only as good as the crew they’re working with, which is why we have experts in lighting, audio recording, food styling, and hair & makeup.

Photography can truly elevate the perception of a brand, while also making a powerful emotional connection with viewers. But it takes craftsmen who consider every detail—lighting, backdrops, wardrobe, camera lens, hair & makeup, even the brand’s unique aesthetic. It also takes the kind of experienced pros who can keep the shoot lively and relaxed, so the “talent” (whether professional or real folks) feel comfortable and authentic in front of the lens. Many clients pair up photo and video shoots into a cost-efficient package.

Once the right announcer is approved for the brand through the audition process, we get to work recording them, either in-studio at Company Man or off-premises. The process is methodical as we go line by line to capture the perfect tempo, pronunciation and inflection. Then the best takes are stitched together and tightened up into the final read to lay over video content.

This is where all the elements of production are skillfully brought together to tell a compelling story. Location footage, interviews, graphics, and animation are precisely combined with music tracks and professional voiceover in a way that matches the intended tone and feel of the piece. There is a true art to telling a cohesive, interesting story in only a matter of seconds. In Company Man’s editing suites, every little piece is thoughtfully considered to ensure the end result blows away expectations.

Once an edit is approved, it’s time for color correction of the footage. Our editors go to work on color levels from the various pieces of video footage to create a “balance” between all content that’s sure to please the eye of viewers. As with editing, there’s an art form to color use and color theory that helps drive the emotion of the storytelling.

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